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   The philosophical domain of the Artheist is the unconventional wisdom of illogical formations and the rational will to be irrational. Perverting the mind in order to reach a beyond that parallels reason. It’s to think when others tend to feel, yet deliver a completely surreal content. Yes, the Artheist believes in the beyond, he simply maps it down below. He knowingly follows the path that ceases in order to mark the one that doesn’t: an insatiable seeker in a drenched desert.

Kant could only be a closet sophist. To not be able to access the core of things is a disguised acknowledgment that there is no core.  Kant relied on his intuition to assert the existence of a core, and on logic to prove that it’s not accessible. The Artheist asserts the non-existence of cores and irrationally reaches toward them. The beyond that the “Marquis de Sade” tries to reach by outpacing flesh is the same beyond that Kant constructs and then prevents himself from reaching. The Artheist’s kingdom is that point of impossibility, the stop sign that translates to “GO, no more limits beyond this line”, because there are no lines beyond the stop sign.

That point of impossibility is the point where the Artheist begins to create. But what is there to see or find? Nothing except irrational freedom.

         Irrational freedom because zero is not a non-number but a full number that overwrites everything on its way. More power to emptiness than to the unit. The artheist will rejoice in calculations that sum up to more than one not because they are mathematically correct but because they entail him to entertain his irrational mind.

        Irrational freedom because it challenges patterns. If 2x2=4 then why doesn’t 3x3=6? What is it to the mind any number greater than 1 that can still be overwritten by zero? 7x6= 42 is correct but meaningless, for 42 could be anything hence nothing. 

        Irrational freedom because if a limited space can hold an unlimited number of points then why can’t we say that any given word can overwrite rational discourses. And if emptiness is a being then why can’t non-discourse be more persuasive than discourse. The logocentrism of “I” should be overwritten by the nonbeing as being. It’s because ‘I‘cannot be proven real that I exist. Correspondence, when it comes to truth, is obsolete.

       It’s a point of freedom, an anti-Euclidean space, multidirectional and multidimentional. Anti-Euclidean Artheism contends that there is no point of origin and that there is no final destination. The Artheist’s space is neither Euclidean nor elliptic; space is the freedom of the mind.      © Karim Chaibi 2005

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